Prof. Daniel Carey 



The-Centre-for-the-Investigation-of-Cultural-Encounters-200x260Historical, literary, and cartographic analysis of interaction across cultural divides constitutes the core activity of this PRA. This subject has been central to humanities research for the last thirty years under the influence of a diverse group of figures from Edward Said to Mary Louise Pratt, Stephen Greenblatt, Tom Conley, Roland Greene, Nabil Matar, Richard Helgerson, and Michel de Certeau, among others. Attention to these questions developed for a number of reasons, including geopolitical events (following the collapse of the Soviet Union) that refocused attention on conflicts of much longer duration in the Middle East and between the Islamic world and West; economic adjustments in power leading to the greater concern with Japan, China, and India; the rise of the ‘Atlantic World’ as a preoccupation of historical and literary scholarship; and the implications of globalization more generally. In Ireland, historical legacies of travel and colonial settlement have long been major sources of investigation.