One Hundred Years of Irish Language Policy, 1922–2022

In this article, Dr John Walsh gives an overview of his new book on a century of Irish language policy, to be published in 2022. By the late 19th century, when the Irish cultural and literary revival was at its peak, the Irish language was in a marginal position in society and spoken by less… | Read on »

The loyalist paramilitary threat behind Northern Ireland’s crisis

Opinion: the loyalist influence on unionist parties has pushed the DUP towards disrupting any political progress in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland stumbles through yet another political crisis. After threatening to leave the Northern Ireland Executive over the protocol that ensures the continuance of a frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic since September, DUP First Minister Paul Givan resigned earlier this… | Read on »

A Different View: Data Visualisation and Engaging Research

This article was originally published in NUI Galway’s Cois Coiribe Winter Edition 2021/22 on AI and Human Creativity, which focused on a variety of critical questions on AI, Innovation and Creativity. Greater access to data is changing how we view the world. Being able to understand and interpret often complex data helps us to understand… | Read on »

It’s Not What You Said—It’s How You Said It…

In the introduction to his new book, How Linguistics Can Help the Historian, Dr Anthony Harvey clarifies that his subject is not solely the meaning of words or their translations, but an analysis of ‘not what is expressed in a historical document but how it is expressed’. He then proceeds to wind his way through… | Read on »

The Strand in Winter

In the depths of our pandemic winter, when almost everything else was closed, when the city itself felt shut, the Strand miraculously reopened. For the first time, it became a regular appointment in my life. Every Saturday afternoon. And for the first time, you had to queue to get in. Queuing to enter a bookshop…. | Read on »

In Memory of Donagh O’Donoghue (1944–2021)

The death of Donagh O’Donoghue last month has been greeted with sadness across our university – but there have also been many expressions of admiration and gratitude for him too. His successes in business in Galway have rightly been celebrated, and his support for Druid Theatre and his contributions to our university have also been… | Read on »

The secret diary of Brexit

“La grande illusion est […] de croire à la promesse d’une identité et d’une souveraineté solitaires plutôt que solidaires.” (Michel Barnier) Michel Barnier, La grande illusion: Journal secret du Brexit (2016-2020) (Paris: Gallimard, 2021). Reading Michel Barnier’s book (541 pages) is like having a trip back to the future. The author accompanies the reader through… | Read on »

Remembering Seamus Deane (9 February 1940 – 12 May 2021)

I did not know Seamus Deane well when I asked him if he would be interested in examining my DPhil thesis in Oxford. This was the summer of 1992. I was in Dublin and went to see him in his office in UCD where he was literally boxing up books and papers prior to his… | Read on »

The 30th September: Lecturing in Lockdown

Update: In a companion piece to this blog post Tony offers reflections on the impact of COVID-19, and discusses teaching, students, life and human nature. This video was produced by John Caulfield, and was published on 13th May, 2021. Remember the snow holidays of childhood? A valiant teacher – the principal perhaps – made it… | Read on »