The 30th September: Lecturing in Lockdown

Update: In a companion piece to this blog post Tony offers reflections on the impact of COVID-19, and discusses teaching, students, life and human nature. This video was produced by… | Read on »

On Keeping a Pandemic Diary

I began my diary on the tenth of March 2020, and made the last entry on the sixteenth of September, intending from the beginning that my documentation of the pandemic… | Read on »

John Hume: the price of secrecy

The article was originally published in the Business Post on August 9-10, 2020 under the title ‘In a time of so many secrets Hume took flak for them all’. We… | Read on »

Racism and Dissonance in Ireland

Are you Irish, or are you not? Unless you’re a migrant or the child of immigrants, the question is a simple one. For people of a migrant descent, the question… | Read on »