Using Immersive Technologies to communicate the experience of homelessness

The aim of this project is to produce Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) immersive experiences in collaboration with clients from the Galway Simon Community that can capture and convey aspects of the experience of homelessness.

The immersive experiences, created from the perspective of those who have experienced homelessness, will be used for training of service providers and to increase awareness and empathy amongst the general public.

Immersive Empathy responds to the current homelessness crisis by adopting an engaged research approach to empower those experiencing homelessness to give expression to their experiences via immersive technologies.

Drawing on participatory video methodologies and patient and public involvement (PPI) in research design, it will offer training in immersive technologies to Galway Simon Community clients thereby:

  • providing tools for self-expression
  • facilitating clients in drawing connections between shared experiences
  • providing a tool for advocacy and the expression of alternative narratives around homelessness
First Thought Talk at GIAF22: Empathy and Homelessness


Project Collaborators

  • Camille Donegan – Independent XR Producer
  • Peter Stapleton – Galway Simon
  • Tommy Walsh – Galway Simon
  • Rebecca O’Connor – Galway Simon

Project Details

Year(s): 2021 - 2022

Funded By: Irish Research Council, University of Galway CASSCS Illuminate Fund