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The Centre for the Study of Religion was established in 2022, in association with the Moore Institute. It aims to support interdisciplinary scholarship in this subject area within NUIG and to promote public engagement in Ireland and abroad. Its primary objectives are:


To provide a forum for interdisciplinary debate and collaboration in the study of religion within the university.

Research Support

To provide a structure that encourages and support funding bids for PhD students, postdoctoral scholars and thematic research projects.

Public Engagement

To promote existing and emerging strengths in research amongst academics and the general public.


In keeping with the university’s status as a public body, the Centre is a secular institute with a broad remit, and it draws together NUIG staff with active research interests in the study of religion from sociological, historical, literary, philosophical, political and other perspectives.

It encourages research into the ideas and practices of any religious tradition and into related themes ranging from (but not limited to) human rights, environmentalism, and spiritualities of the self, to issues of the role of religion in politics, in their historical and contemporary contexts.


Staff Associated with the Centre

The Centre welcomes new associates with research interests in religion. Current staff associated with the Centre include:


Board Members

Associate Staff

News and Events

For information on lectures, seminars and other events run by the Centre, see Twitter @CentreReligion