Based in the Moore Institute, the Moore Digital Lab aims to connect researchers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Studies with the technologies and people that can help to enable their research.

With an established track record of delivering digital projects with researchers from across the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, the Moore Digital Lab contributes:

  • Support with a project’s concept development, as it relates to the application of digital technologies;
  • Consulting on technology-oriented aspects of funding applications;
  • Guidance on sources of technical expertise;
  • Support for the design and development of digital research projects;
  • Data visualisation advice and services;
  • Training and support related to digital projects.

Supporting Research Excellence

The Digital Lab supports research excellence through the application of innovative technologies across University of Galway’s mission of “Enriching Creativity and Culture” within the themes of:

  • Digital Humanities
  • Historical and Literary Research
  • Creative Arts
  • Language, Culture and Identity
  • An Ghaeilge
  • Geography, Place and Politics

Expertise & Collaboration

In addition to supporting the research of the Research Groups and Research Centres across the Moore Institute, we facilitate research project collaboration between projects and a range of research groups and support services across the University of Galway community, as well as with external experts.

Within University of Galway, we have a record of working with:

Use the university’s “Find a Supervisor” tool to find an academic member of staff with research interests aligned to your own.


For enquiries, please contact David Kelly, Digital Humanities Manager at the Moore Institute, at