Digital Cultures InitiativeThe Digital Cultures Initiative (DCI) is a forum intended to bring together all those interested in researching, supporting and creating forms of “digital culture” at NUI Galway. This includes digital arts, humanities and media researchers, information and data science specialists, experts in digital teaching and learning, creative practitioners, archivists, and interested stakeholders from creative, heritage and industrial communities beyond the University.

It will support co-ordination among these differing groups in order to share our growing expertise and experience. By so doing, we greatly enhance our scope for innovative interdisciplinarity, exciting new research and pedagogy, and new forms of partnership inside and outside of NUI Galway.

Specifically, the DCI objectives are:

  1. To co-ordinate digital research and pedagogy across NUI Galway, especially in arts, humanities and social sciences, thus ensuring maximum efficiency in resource use, infrastructure and interoperability at institutional level, and to promote digitally-focused research to maximum effect;
  2. To support the embedding of digital literacy and a reflective “digital culture” at NUI Galway, in which digital technology is seen both as a powerful tool for research and creativity, and as a societal phenomenon requiring reflection and analysis.
  3. To promote digital training and pedagogical opportunities for staff and researchers across the university, including a “Digital Drop-in” service;
  4. To assist the development of a sustainable resource infrastructure for digital arts and humanities teaching and research at NUI Galway;
  5. To support and co-ordinate partnerships and collaborations with external stakeholders, including regional communities, creative practitioners, heritage institutions and the industrial sector.


This webpage will shortly provide more detailed outlines of the DCI structure, activities and plans.

For further information, contact: Professor Sean Ryder –