Welcoming Visiting Fellows-Week of 13th May 2019-Mo Moulton, Jaime Goodrich, Kathryn Laing, Helen Sonner and Federica Scicolone

Mo Moulton-University of Birmingham Contact Details- m.moulton@bham.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title:The Origins of Development: the Co-operative Movement in Ireland and India   Jaime Goodrich-Wayne State University Contact Deatils- goodrija@wayne.edu The Moore Institute Project Title:Print Culture and the Poor Clares, 1600-1800   Kathryn Laing- Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick Contact Details- Kathryn.laing@mic.ul.ie The Moore Institute Project Title:Irish Women’s… | Read on »

Welcoming Visiting Fellows- Week of 06th May 2019-Tom Walker, Dieter Reinisch , Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué , Maeve Lydon and Jim Patterson

                  Tom Walker- Trinity College Dublin Contact Details-  walkerto@tcd.ie The Moore Institute Project Title: W.B. Yeats and the Writing of Art   Dieter Reinisch- University of Vienna (Austria) Contact Details- dieter.reinisch@eui.eu The Moore Institute Project Title:Ruairí Ó Brádaigh and dissident Irish Republican History Writing   Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué- Baylor University Contact Details-  JB_mougoue@Baylor.edu The… | Read on »

Welcoming Visiting Fellows- Week of 29th April 2019- Antonio Bibbò ,J.R. Carpenter, Ciaran McDonough and Chris Collins

              Antonio Bibbò-University of Manchester Contact Details- antonio.bibbo@manchester.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title: Irish drama in Italy   J.R Carpenter- University of Plymouth Contact Details- writingcoastlines@gmail.com The Moore Institute Project Title: Shrouded in Mist: A Navigation Narrative of Saint Brendan’s Land   Ciaran McDonough- NUI Galway Contact Details- ciaran.mcdonough@nuigalway.ie The Moore Institute Project Title: Hardiman and after:… | Read on »

Announcement of a Visual Analytics Summer School at NUI Galway

This summer, researchers, students and industry professionals can apply to take part in the KDU Visual Analytics Summer School, being held at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway. In addition to contributions from invited world-leading researchers and practitioners, the summer school will draw on expertise present in NUI Galway’s Data Science Institute, Lero… | Read on »

Welcoming Visiting Fellows-15th April 2019- Barry Nevin, Menelaos Gkartzios and Sonja Tiernan

                Barry Nevin-Dublin Institute of Technology (full-time) / Trinity College Dublin (part-time) Contact Details- barbarianjay@gmail.com The Moore Institute Project Title: The Films of Jacques Feyder: Framing Family, Class and Colonialism in Interwar France (1919–1939)   Menelaos Gkartzios-Newcastle University, UK Contact Details- menelaos.gkartzios@ncl.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title: ‘Countryside Futures: Sustainability and Art’… | Read on »

Welcoming Visiting Fellows-Week of 1st April 2019- David McOmish , Hidetaka Hirota,  Frank Shovlin , Audrey Robitaillié and Mirko Daniel Garasic

      David McOmish-University of Glasgow Contact Details –  david.mcomish@glasgow.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title: From Counter-reformation to Stuart Loyalism: The Evolution of Jacobite Literature   Hidetaka Hirota-Waseda University (Japan) Contact Details-  hidetakahirota@aoni.waseda.jp The Moore Institute Project Title: History of Irish migration; American immigration history   Frank Shovlin-University of Liverpool Contact Details- fshovlin@liverpool.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title:The… | Read on »

Welcoming Visiting Fellows-25th March 2019-Daniel Fernandez and Justin Dolan Stover

Daniel Fernandez-Fundación Cultura de Paz (Spain) Contact Details- lagartofernandez@gmail.com The Moore Institute Project Title:EDUC-ACTORS: FROM CONTEXT TO TEXT. Rethinking the education on peace, conflict transformation, social justice and global citizenship through the lens of the Arts.   Justin Dolan Stover-Idaho State University Contact Details- stovjust@isu.edu The Moore Institute Project Title:Environmental Damage and the Irish Revolution

Welcoming Visiting Fellows-Week of the 18th March- Martin Hurcombe and Jelena Đureinović

Martin Hurcombe- Univesrity of Bristol, UK Contact Details- m.j.hurcombe@bristol.ac.uk The Moore Institute Project Title:Write the Good Ride: Writing Road Cycling in France   Jelena Đureinović-Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany Contact details-Jelena.Dureinovic@geschichte.uni-giessen.de The Moore Institute Project Title:When Red Turned Green Yellow: Yugoslavia, Ireland, and the Emerging Cold War