Webinar Recording: ‘Philosophy and the Pandemic: reasoning in unreasonable times’

The latest webinar in our COVID-19 Response Group series, Philosophy and the Pandemic: reasoning in unreasonable times  took place on June 18th, 2020.

An audio recording of the session may also be found on the Moore Institute’s Soundcloud.


Webinar Overview

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, fundamental philosophical questions have come into sharp focus. In this panel discussion, faculty members from the discipline of philosophy at NUI Galway will discuss a range of issues related to these times of change and uncertainty, including the role and rhetoric of expertise; “states of exception” and governance; the trust invested in decision-makers; the nature of goodwill in a moment of crisis; how we engage in reasoning about uncertainty and catastrophic outcomes; and the nature of nostalgia and how we (mis)remember the past.


  • Lucy Elvis
  • Heike Felzmann
  • Felix Ó Murchadha
  • Nick Tosh

All of NUI Galway.

Chair: Daniel Carey, Moore Institute.

The session was streamed live on Zoom and the Moore Institute’s Facebook page.

About the Series

This webinar is part of a series developed through the Moore Institute’s COVID-19 Response Group. Video and audio recordings of the previous sessions are available on the group’s webpage.