Welcoming Visiting Fellows- Week of 29th April 2019- Antonio Bibbò ,J.R. Carpenter, Ciaran McDonough and Chris Collins








Antonio Bibbò-University of Manchester

Contact Details- antonio.bibbo@manchester.ac.uk

The Moore Institute Project Title: Irish drama in Italy


J.R Carpenter- University of Plymouth

Contact Details- writingcoastlines@gmail.com

The Moore Institute Project Title: Shrouded in Mist: A Navigation Narrative of Saint Brendan’s Land


Ciaran McDonough- NUI Galway

Contact Details- ciaran.mcdonough@nuigalway.ie

The Moore Institute Project Title: Hardiman and after: Galway Culture and Society, 1820-2020


Chris Collins-University of Nottingham

Contact Details- christopher.collins@nottingham.ac.uk

The Moore Institute Project Title: J.M. Synge and the Time of His Life