Welcoming Visiting Fellows – 14th May 2018 – Debapriya Basu, Peter Glazer, Daniel Watkins and Olivier Szerwiniack.

Debapriya Basu, Indian Institute of Technology.

Contact Details: debapriya.06@gmail.com

The Moore Institute Project Title: The Examinations of Anne Askew Online.

Peter Glazer working with another Visiting Fellow Patrick Ball:

Contact Information: prg@berkeley.edu

The Moore Institute Project Title:  Come Dance with Me in Ireland: A Pilgrimage to Yeats Country.

Daniel Watkins, Baylor University, USA.

Contact Information: Daniel_Watkins@baylor.edu

The Moore Institute Project Title: Berruyer and His Book: A Cultural History of the Catholic Enlightenment in France, 1700-1830.

Olivier Szerwiniack

Contact Information: oswk@laposte.net

The Moore Institute Project Title: The Epistula ad Dardanum: an annotated critical edition and translation with a study of its sources, manuscript diffusion, iconography and posterity.