Arts, Humanities & Innovation – Connecting with Industry

Over the coming semester we are running a series of events aimed at developing links between researchers in the Arts and Humanities, and industries that have experience hiring or collaborating with those from such backgrounds. These events will be of particular interest to PhD students considering options for their future career development.

Arts, Humanities & Innovation poster


Speaker Series

Over the coming months we will have 3 speakers from on-campus companies visiting to talk about their journey, and on issues of relevance to the those coming from a research background. Dates for these sessions are:

  1. Mark Campbell, CEO of Pocket Anatomy, “Anatomy of a StartUp” – Thursday, 16th February at 2pm in G010 – see the event details.
  2. Leon Butler, TechInnovate Research Fellow, “Designing for Good” – Thursday, 16th March at 12pm in G010 – see the event details.
  3. Dr Úna Newell – Content Architect, Orreco, “The Transition from Humanities Research to Industry“, Thursday, 13th April at 12pm in G010 – see the event details.

One-day Event

On April 28th the Moore Institute will host a day-long symposium featuring speakers from the financial services, consulting, research and technology sectors. The focus of the event will be on “Arts & humanities researchers and the commercial world“.

This will be of interest to all researchers, and will be particularly relevant to PhD students from the Arts and Humanities. A full schedule of speakers is available on the event details page.

Further details

For further details please contact David Kelly ( or Martha Shaughnessy (