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Labs for Semester Two:

 2nd February, Jessica Cooke: A Reappraisal of the Vita Secunda of Saint Fursa: the Irish Origins of a Continental Saint

 16th February, Máirín Ní Dhonnachada: Drinking, kingship and lordship in early medieval Ireland: scoping the topic

 2nd March, Lindsay Reid: ‘The Early Modern Querelle des Femmes and the Judgement of Solomon in Greenes Vision

 9th March, Christine Neer: Love is a Battlefield? an Informal Exploration of Gendered Spaces in Medieval Irish Tochmarca (‘Wooing Tales’)

23rd March, Rosemary Power: Carvings, sculpture and position on Columban and Benedictine Iona

 13th April, Charles Doyle: The Presocratics and Christian Heretics in the works of Irenaeus and Tertullian

 27th April, Niamh Wycherley: The language of relics in Medieval Ireland